GB 8898  Audio,video and similar electronic apparatus-safety requirement

GB 4943 Information technology equipment-safety

GB20286 Requirements and mark on burning behavior of fire retarding products in place of assembly occupancies

GB8624 is classification for burning behavior of building materials and products, almost same with  EN13501-1:2002,except the toxicity test was added. GB8624 is still in the process of revision since there were several recent fireincidents in China. As Flexible PU foam was also covered in GB20286 standard, Albemarle provided SCFRI(constitutor of GB20286) the cone calorimeter data as they requested. 

GB/TC 62441 Accidentally caused candle flame ignition for audio/video, communication and information technology equipment. This is China's equivalent to TC108 (GB 8898/4943/62441 is like TC 108). The newest edition is in public comments for three month, and will be published in 2012. Because China voted down on adding candle ignition into IEC 60950/60065 in London TC108 meeting in March  2011 China also will not add candle ignition into GB standard but will just translate the technical agreement.

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