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GB 20286

GB 20286 Marking on Burning behavior of fire Regarding Products


Following the description on building material fire test standard GB20286


1.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior- Standard Title


GB 20286-2006: Requirements and mark on burning behavior of fire retarding products and subassemblies in public place


2.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior - Standard Brief


GB20286 According to GB8624Classification for burning behavior of building materials and products》、GB50222Code for fire prevention in design of interior decoration of buildings,and in conjunction with the actual situation of domestic-related products, apply to Ministry of Public Order No.39 and No.61 which theproducts and subassemblies in public place.


3.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior - Products Scope


The products and subassemblies in public place can be divided into six categories:

Fire retarding building products

Fire retarding textile

Fire retarding plastic / rubber

Fire retarding foam

Fire retarding furniture and subassemblies

> Fire retarding wire and cable


4.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior - Test Method


> The burning behavior of fire retarding building products in public place should meet the following requirements:


- The burning behavior of building product (excluding flooring) not less than Class D in GB8624, and the toxicity of smoke not less than Class t1;

The burning behavior of flooring not less than Class Dfl in GB8624, and the toxicity of smoke not less than Class t1


The fire retarding products and subassemblies (excluding building products) in public place, according to burning behavior can be divided into two classes.


- Fire retarding Class 1: According to GB/T 5454 GB/T 5455 GB/T 8627 GB/T 20285 GB/T 16172GB/T 11020 GB 4943GB/T 2408 GB 17927 GA 306.1 GB/T 8333 etc for test and meet the requirements

- Fire retarding Class 2: According to GB 17927 GB/T 8333 GB/T20285 GB/T 11020 GB 4943 GB/T 2408 GB/T 5455 etc for test and meet the requirements


5.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior - Material under products scope


Decorative wallcloth, curtain, purdah, bedspread in public place

> Fire retarding and washable textile

Plastic and rubber in Wire pipe, Gas Pipeline, Socket, Switch, Lamps, etc in public place

> Foam in Seat, Sofa, Mattresses etc in public place

> bed, mattresses, Wiring cabinet, Table, Chair in public place

> Fiber cable, Communications and electric wire and cable in public place

> Etc


6.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior - Reference Standard:


> GB/T 2408 Plastics-Determination of the burning behaviour of horizontal and vertical specimens in contact with a small-flame ignition sourceGB/T 2408-1996eqv ISO 1210:1992


> GB 4943  Safety of information technology equipment GB 4943-2001idt IEC 609501999


> GB/T 5454 Textiles-Burning behaviour-Oxygen index methodGB/T 5454-1997neq ISO 45891984


> GB/T 5455 Textiles-Burning behaviour-Vertical method


> GB/T 8333 Test method for flammability of rigid cellular plastic - Vertical burning method


> GB 8624 Classification for burning behavior of building materials and products


> GB/T 8627 Test method for density of smoke from the burning or decomposition of building materials


> GB/T 11020 Flammability of solid non-metallic materials when exposed to flame sources-List of test methods


> GB/T 16172 Test method for heat release rate of building materialsGB/T 16172-1996neq ISO 5660-11993


> GB/T 17596 Textiles--Commercial laundering procedure for textile fabrics prior to flammability testingGB/T 17596-1998eqv ISO 105281995


> GB 17927 Upholstered furniture--Assessment of the resistance to ignition of the spring mattress and the sofaGB 17927-1999neq ISO 8191-11987


> GB/T 19981.2 Textiles-Textiles-Professional care,drycleaning and wetcleaning of fabrics and garments Part2:Procedure for testing performance when drycleaning and finishing using tetrachloroethene


> GB/T 20285 Toxic classification of fire effluents hazard for materials 


> GA 306.1 Flame retardant and Fire Resistive cables--Classification and requirement for flame retardant and fire resistive characteristics of plastic insulated electric cables--Part 1:Flame retardant cables


7.       GB 20286 Marking on Burning Behavior – Similar standard


> EN ISO 11925-2: Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame – Part 2: Single-flame source test


> EN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building elements- Part1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests


> NF P 92 - 501: Safety against fire - Building materials - Reaction to fire tests - Radiation test used for rigid materials. or for materials on rigid substrates (flooring and finishes) of all thicknesses. and for flexible materials thicker that 5 mm (M classification: M1, M2, M3, M4)


> NF P 92 - 503: Safety against fire - Building materials – Reaction to fire tests. Electrical burner test used for flexible materials  (M classification: M1, M2, M3, M4)


> BS 476: Fire tests on building materials and structures


> GB 8624: Classification for burning behavior of building materials and products


> GB 20286: Requirements and mark on burning behavior of fire retarding products and subassemblies in public place