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Reaction to Fire


The EU harmonised Reaction to Fire classification system is based on the selective use of the following tests, depending on the excellence of classification expected. 
In addition, there are several separate procedures for the Attestation of Conformity of construction products, which allow manufacturers to indicate the classification obtained within the CE Mark label attached to products. The required Attestation of Conformity procedure indicates that a minimum quality of performance is repeatedly available. The best claims require the most thorough attestation method.

A Suite of Tests

The following EN test numbers will be prefixed by BS for publication in UK, and prefixed by DIN in Germany etc.

EN ISO 1182 Non-combustibility test
EN ISO 1716 Determination of calorific value
EN 13823 Single Burning Item test (SBI test)
EN ISO 11925-2 Ignitability test
EN ISO 9239-1 Burning behaviour of floor coverings, using a radiant heat 
Source [this test replaces SBI test, for floorings, in table below]. The classification thus obtained is suffixed eg CFL

The Reference Test
To ensure that the results from the suite of smaller-scale tests are reliable, a larger full scale EU reference test for Reaction to Fire has been used to compare the performance in fire of construction products, particularly with regard to the tendency to exhibit flashover in a room. The data from the small-scale tests is, in general, processed to correlate to the classifications arising from the larger full-scale test.

Originally the EU experimental work focussed on the ISO 9705 Room Corner Test as the reference system. This test has been adapted by the EU as prEN 14390 'Fire test - Full scale room test for surface products' and will be used for cases of Appeal, if results from the smaller suite of tests are challenged.

Tests selected for each classification of Lining Systems


Tests required


Non-combustibility test AND
Determination of calorific value


Non-combustibility test OR
Determination of calorific value AND Single Burning Item test


Single Burning Item test AND
Ignitability test


Single Burning Item test AND
Ignitability test


Single Burning Item test AND
Ignitability test


Ignitability test


No performance determined