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Construction Products Directive (CPD) – Directive 89/106/EEC

Upon demonstrating compliance with the relevant requirements, the product is allowed to carry the CE Mark.

The Construction Products Directive (CPD) is a set of regulations known as Directive 89/106/EEC, similar to other directives issued by the European Union (EU) and designed to make products arriving in any European Union country safe to use and install. The CPD directive has been in effect for several years and is beginning to take effect as more and more Product Standards are issued. 

To sell products within the EU, it is mandatory to apply the CE mark showing products comply with all applicable Directives such as the CPD, EMC, and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The CPD has 4 levels that start at self declaration and end in the full involvement of the Notified Certification Body, Intertek’s present scope covers products that are in the highest category level 1 (Attestation of conformity level 1). This level, must involve a Notified Body, and an FPC (Factory Production Control audit) must be performed by the Notified Body. 

The European Union recognizes that products vary greatly in their ‘risks’ to the users and the public. They have defined 6 essential requirements or characteristics which need to be addressed (by committee) and satisfied, when relevant, by the product prior to being put on the market. 

Commission Decisions relating to Fire under the CPD
  • Reaction to fire 2000/147/EC - February 2000  Commonly referred to as the Euroclasses. This document outlines classes of performance in relation to reaction to fire for construction products. This decision supersedes Commission Decision 94/611/EC.
  • Resistance to fire 2000/367/EC - May 2000 This document outlines classes of performance in relation to resistance to fire for construction products.
  • External Fire Performance of Roofs/roof coverings 2001/671/EC - August 2001 This document outlines classes of performance in relation to EFP for roofs and roof coverings for construction products.
  • List of products/materials external fire performance of roof coverings - 2000/553/EC - September 2000 This document gives a list of products which can be considered to fulfil all of the requirements for the performance characteristic 'external fire performance' without the need for testing

Essential Requirements

1. Mechanical resistance and stability 
2. Safety in the case of fire 
3. Hygiene, health and the environment 
4. Safety in use 
5. Protection against noise 
6. Energy economy and heat retention 

CPD Standards 

EN 54-2 - Control and Indicating Equipment 
EN 54-3 - Sounders 
EN 54-4 - Power Supply Equipment for CIE 
EN 54-5 - Heat Detectors 
EN 54-7 - Smoke Detectors
EN 54-10 - Flame Detectors 
EN 54-11 - Manual Call Points 
EN 54-12 - Optical Smoke Detectors 
EN-54-16 - Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment 
EN 54-17 - Short Circuit Isolators 
EN 54-18 - Input/Output Devices 
EN 54-21 - Alarm Transmission and Fault Warning Routing Equipment 
EN 54-24 - Components of Voice Alarms - Loudspeakers 
EN 54-25 - Components Using Radio Links 
EN 1935: 2002 - Single Axis Hinges 
EN 1154: 1997 - Controlled Door Closing Devices 
EN 1155: 2003 - Electrically Operated Hold Open Devices 
EN 1125: 1997 - Panic Exit Devices Operated by Horizontal Bar 
EN 179: 1997 - Emergency Exit Devices 
EN 12209: 2003 - Mechanically Operated Lock