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The "reaction to fire" tests classify the material in 5 categories from A1, A2 to B1, B2, B3 according to the DIN 4102 . The specific standard that is applicable depends of the intended use (see table below). 

Table 1: classification according to the DIN 4102

Building material classDesignationTest method
A1Non combustibleFurnace test 750°C
Smoke density DIN E 53436/37 
Toxicity to DIN 53436 
Calorific potential to DIN 51900 -2
Heat release to DIN 4102 Part 8 
B1Low flammabilityBrandschacht and small burner test
Radiant panel test for floor coverings
B2Moderately flammableSmall buner test
B3Highly flammableNo test

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