• Created by merging IEC TC92 and IEC TC74 in 2002
  • Details re the different TC’s can be found on the IEC website :
  • Example : IEC TC108 :
    • Membership : 30 Participating member countries and 11 Observer member countries
    • Strategic Policy Statement
    • Scope : 
      Standardization in the field of safety for audio/video and similar technology, information technology and communication technology equipment
      Additionally, to prepare requirements for methods of measurement of energy efficiency of information technology and communication technology equipment. Consideration of energy efficiency includes power conservation
  • Structure & meetings of IEC TC108
    • IEC TC108 plenary meetings
      • You can attend as a member of your NC (National Committee)
      • You have to take positions (if needed; this rarely happens) agreed upon within your NC; would be 1 vote per country
    • IEC TC108 Working Groups (HBSDT, MT1, MT2, …)
      • You are there as an expert
      • You can take your own position
      • Develop documents which are then submitted to the NC’s for comments and/or vote
        • What is important is to have enough “voting power” in the different NC’s (to influence the outcome of the vote)