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FAR 25.853 60

Fire Test to Aircraft material – FAR 25.853  60° Flammability Test


>> FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material - Standard


Far 25.853: Fire Protection for compartment interior


>> FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material - 60° Flammability test


> 60° flammability test – test method


Sixty degree test. A minimum of three specimens of each wire specification (make and size) must be tested. The specimen of wire or cable (including insulation) must be placed at an angle of 60° with the horizontal in the cabinet with the cabinet door open during the test, or must be placed within a chamber approximately 2 feet high by 1 foot by l foot, open at the top and at one vertical side (front), and which allows sufficient flow of air for complete combustion, but which is free from drafts. The specimen must be parallel to and approximately 6 inches from the front of the chamber. The lower end of the specimen must be held rigidly clamped. The upper end of the specimen must pass over a pulley or rod and must have an appropriate weight attached to it so that the specimen is held tautly throughout the flammability test. A flame from a Bunsen or Tirrill burner must be applied for 30 seconds at the test mark. The burner must be mounted underneath the test mark on the specimen, perpendicular to the specimen and at an angle of 30° to the vertical plane of the specimen. The burner must have a nominal bore of3/8-inch and be adjusted to provide a 3-inch high flame with an inner cone approximately one-third of the flame height. The burner must be positioned so that the hottest portion of the flame is applied to the test mark on the wire. Flame time, burn length, and flaming time of drippings, if any, must be recorded. The burn length must be measured to the nearest tenth of an inch. Breaking of the wire specimens is not considered a failure.


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