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FAR 25.853 Vertical


Fire Test to Aircraft Material - FAR 25.853 – Vertical Test


>> FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material - Standard


Far 25.853: Fire Protection for compartment interior


>> FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material – Vertical Test


FAR 25.853 vertical test - Brief


The test apparatus are almost same to UL94V and test the performance of self-extinguish of material under fire condition.


FAR 25.853 vertical test – Test method


The samples is 76mm width and is placed vertically, the ignition resource is sample to horizontal test. The burner apply 60s or 120s


The following result will be recorded

 Burning length

 Flame time

 Dropping time


>> Fire Test to aircraft material – other standards


> Airbus standard: ABD 0031 - airbus fire testing – flame, smoke and toxicity

> Boeing Standard: BSS 7238 fire testing to smoke density

> Boeing Standard: BSS 7239 fire testing to toxicity

> ASTM Standard: ASTM E 662 fire testing to Smoke Density