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    The European Commission funded a 3-year research program in 1997 to assist the work of CEN/TC256/WG1 and CENELEC/TC9X/WG3 in drafting a Part 2 (Requirements for the fire behavior of materials and components) for a 7-part European Standard prEN 45545 "Fire protection on railway vehicles" .

    The major aim of the project was to develop the most representative and comprehensive test methods giving results significant enough to classify the constituent products of railway vehicles taking into account the acceptable risks for users, the vehicle design, the shape and use of the products, the functional equipment, the ventilation system and all relevant combinations of these items.

  • Existing system based on national standards

  • BS 6853 (UK)
  • NF F 16-101, -102 (France)
  • DIN 5510 (Germany)

  • EN requires withdrawal of national standards
  • New European Standard will be EN 45545
  • Attempt to Produce EN faltered on toxicity

  • Issued as CEN TS 45545 -2

  • EN TS 45545 Positively Voted

  • Committees are CEN/CENELEC TC 256 WG1 and TC9x WG3

  • A Specification In 7 Parts
    • Part 1: General
    • Part 2: Requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components
    • Part 3: Fire resistance for fire barriers and partitions
    • Part 4: Fire safety requirements for railway rolling stock design
    • Part 5: Fire safety requirements for electrical equipment
    • Part 6: Fire control and management systems
    • Part 7: Fire safety requirements for flammable liquid and flammable gas installations

    • CEN TS 45545-2 Deals With Reaction To Fire

    • Major Item: Requires Heat, Smoke & Toxic Fume

    • Minor Item: Requires Heat Only (or none)

    • Three Levels Defined; HL1, HL2, HL3
    • Four "Hazard Levels" corresponding to usage

    • HL1 (lowest e.g. surface stock)
    • HL2
    • HL3
    • HL4 (highest e.g. long tunnels)

Table 1: overview of the test selected for the screening of materials 

ISO 5658-2

Lateral flame spread test with radiant panel source

ISO 5660-1

Cone calorimeter test for ignition time and heat release rate

ISO 5659-2

Single chamber smoke test (cumulative conditions)

NF X 70-100 (UITP E6)

Static furnace test for fire effluents

DIN 53436

Moving furnace test for fire effluents

prEN ISO 9239-1

Radiant panel test for horizontal flame spread on floorings

prEN 1021-4

Ignitability test for seats using burner equivalent to 100g paper


Furniture Calorimeter Tests. Upholstered furniture : Burning behavior - Full Scale Test

IEC 60695-2-11

Glow wire test

IEC 60695-2-4/2

Ignitability and flammability test with 500W flame source

prEN ISO 11925-2

Small flame test

IEC 60695-2-30

Ignitability and flammability test with 1kW flame source

prEN 50266/2/4

Cable Calorimeter Tests