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The German Standard for the test procedures and classification of materials and components for the fire behaviour and fire effluents is DIN 5510 Part 2.

The following parameters are defined to classify the fire behaviour of materials and components (both for external parts of car body and for internal materials):

  • Combustibility,
  • Smoke development,
  • Dripping.
Test specimens have to meet end-use requirements.

Combustibility classification

For the combustibility classification there are five categories defined from S1 (only for small item) and S2 to S5 (all materials and components) and from SF1 to SF3 for floor coverings.

Category S1 is determined by DIN 53438 (part 1-3) "Testing of combustible materials; reaction to a flame of a burner; edge and surface flame action".

The combustibility category from S2 to S5 is obtained using DIN 54837  "gas burner test". By this test smoke development and dripping will be evaluated too.
The categories SF1 to SF3 for floor coverings are obtained using the test DIN 4102 with evaluation of "critical radiation intensity" and smoke emission.

Combustibility classification

There are two "smoke development" categories: SR1 and SR2 by evaluating the integral of light attenuation. 

Dripping classification

For "dripping" category there are only two levels: ST1 and ST2

The 5510 DIN standard gives in a complete table the minimum requirements of the three parameters for each material and component depending on 4 operation categories.

Table 1: DIN 5510-2 classification

Type of productTestRating
All suitableBrandschacht
DIN 54 837
S2 to S5
SR1, SR2
ST1, ST2
Floor coveringRadiant panel
DIN EN ISO 9239-1
SF1 To SF3
SeatsPaper cushion test
DIN 54 341
Requirements met
Small piecesSmall burner
DIN 53438
CablesDin EN 50265-2-1 and 50266-2-1A or B

Table 2: DIN 5510-2 requirements

ComponentTestFire ratingTestFlaming droplets rating
Ceiling, end walls and side walls covering1S2NoNo
2 and 4S5SR2ST2

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