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Poly Dibromostyrenes

Homopolymers of a dibromo/ tribromo styrene monomer Poly(dibromostyrene) [62354-98-7] (PDBS)  is a homopolymer of dibromostyrene [31780-26-4] (50), which contains 59% bromine (PDBS-80 ). The primary applications for this material are in high temperature polyamides and PET. The material has excellent flow characteristics and good thermal stability. The primary weakness of this product is the bromine content relative to brominated polystyrene which typically has 68% bromine which translates into a  ~ 3 parts difference in the load level needed in the polymer to give equivalent flame retardant performance. To partially address the weakness of the lower bromine content a series of new homopolymers based upon a brominated monomer with 64-65% has been developed. PBS-64 and PBS-64 HW are homopolymers of a dibromo/ tribromo styrene monomer and are targeted at the high temperature polyamides and PET area. PBS-64 HW has a higher molecular weight than PBS-64 so the flow is reduced but physical properties are improved over the lower molecular weight product .