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Chlorinated Parrafins

Chlorinated parrafinsare molecules containing high concentration of chlorine and act chemically in gas phase. They are oftenly used in combination with antimony trioxide as synergist. The parameters to consider for the selection of a chlorinated compound is the Chlorine content, thermal stability, the volatility and physical formChlorinated Paraffins 

The general structure of chlorinated resin is :

There are various products available depending on the length of the paraffinic chain. Liquid grades are produced from short chain paraffins while solid grades,containing 70-72% of chlorine, are produced from higher molecular waxes.


The main application of chlorinated resins is as plasticizer for flexible PVC in combination with DOP or DINP. This resin improves flame retardant properties in applications like flooring and cables.

Solid grades with high chlorine content as used in thermoplastics like LDPE in CTI cable jacketing in combination with antimony trioxide.

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