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Melamine Cyanurate

Melamine cyanurate

Melamine cyanurate, is a salt of melamine and cyanuric acid. Melamine Cyanurate has a higher thermal stability than pure melamine, remaining stable upto about 320 °C. For this reason Melamine Cyanurate is often applied in polymers with higher processing temperatures, like polyamides. Above 320°C, it undergoes endothermic decomposition to melamine and cyanuric acid, acting as a heat sink in the process. The vaporized melamine acts as an inert gas source diluting the oxygen and the fuel gases present at the point of combustion.

  Melamine Cyanurate
CAS N:37640-57-6
EINECS N:2535757
PRODUCT N:200307

Molecular Weight: 255.2 
CAS NO.: 37640-57-6
Physical appearance:fine, white, crystalline powder, nontoxic, odourless ; in dissolvable in water and most organic solvents.
Use: Melamine Cyanurate is a halogen-free flame retardant for polyamide. Melamine Cyanurate has established itself as the flame retardant to achieve UL 94 V-0 especially for polyamide 6 and 6,6. Addition of MCA gives PA6(66) good mechanical and electrical properties. Being halogen free also results in significant advantages in terms of fire safety, i.e. lower smoke density, lower smoke-toxicity and less corrosion.