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diethylphosphinate salts (DEPAL)

Exolit OP 930 (Clariant)


Chem. Group:  Phosphinates  Supply Form:  white powder  CAS-No.:   
Product-No.:  134596  Chemical Formula:     
Product Description 

Exolit OP 930 is a white, fine-grained powder based on an organic phosphinate. The product is not hygroscopic and it is insoluble in water and common organic solvents like acetone, dichloromethane, MEK, toluene.

Exolit OP 930 can easily be dispersed in solvents like acetone or MEK. 

Delivery Specification and Technical Data 

Characteristics Unit  Target Value  DS¹) TD²)  Test Method 

Phosphorus %(w/w)  approx. 23  
Water / Moisture %(w/w)  < approx. 0.5  
Density g/cm³  1.35  
at 20 °C  
Bulk Density kg/m³  100 - 250  
Decomposition Temperature °C  > 300  
Particle Size Distribution µm  
D50  < approx. 10  
D95  < approx. 20  

¹) The product is constantly monitored to ensure that it adheres to the specified values.
²) The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to constant monitoring  


Exolit OP 930 is a halogen-free flame retardant with a high phosphorus content which is suitable for use in both thermoplastic and thermoset applications where the most stringent fire retardancy standards must be met.

One application is epoxy based laminates for printed circuit boards. Halogen-free FR-4 and CEM-3 laminates can be produced by using Exolit OP 930. It can be readily dispersed in epoxy resin systems when a high shear mixer is used. Exolit OP 930 does not increase the water pick-up after Pressure Cooker test. The water solubility is less than 0.1 %.

classification: UL 94: class V-1, 1.6 mm
concentration: approx. 10 parts Exolit / 100 parts resin

classification: UL 94: class V-0, 1.6 mm
concentration: approx. 30 parts Exolit / 100 parts resin
or in combination with other flame retardants like ATH