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Exolit RP 6520

Phosphorus Red

Chem. Group:  Phosphorus Red  Supply Form:   CAS-No.:   
Product-No.:  196487  Chemical Formula:     
Product Description 

Exolit RP 6520, is a brown-red paste, and is a thixotropic blend of castor oil with stabilised, micro encapsulated red phosphorus. The paste form allows safe and simple handling and thus processing is made easier. The thixotropic nature of this concentrate hinders the sedimentation process and simplifies the re-homogenisation after long storage periods. 

Delivery Specification and Technical Data 

Characteristics Unit  Target Value  DS¹) TD²)  Test Method 

Phosphorus %(m/m)  43.0 - 48.0  
Density g/cm³  1.27 - 1.47  
at 25 °C  
Viscosity Pa*s  max. 50  
at 25 °C  
Hydroxyl Number mg KOH/gapprox. 80  

¹) The product is constantly monitored to ensure that it adheres to the specified values.
²) The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to constant monitoring  


Exolit RP 6520 has been developed as flame retardant for polyurethanes used in electrical applications. Due to its high phosphorus content the product is a very effective flame retardant. The castor oil carrier is compatible with a wide range of polyols.
In combination with aluminium hydroxide, Exolit RP 6520 can achieve a UL 94 classification in polyurethane casting resins with low amounts of fillers.