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Exolit RP 622

Exolit RP 622

Red phosphorus

Chem. Group:  Red phosphorus  Supply Form:   CAS-No.:   
Product-No.:  106970      
Product Description 

Exolit RP 622 is a brown-red paste, and is a thixotropic blend of water with stabilised, microencapsulated red phosphorus. The paste allows a safe and simple handling of the red phosphorus in a liquid form, and avoids the hazards associated when working with red phosphorus powders.
The thixotropic nature of this concentrate hinders the sedimentation process and simplifies the re-homogenisation of the paste after long storage periods. 

Delivery Specification and Technical Data 

Characteristics Unit  Target value  DS¹) TD²)  Test method 

Phosphorus %(w/w)  approx. 45  
Density g/cm³  approx. 1.35  
Viscosity mPa.s  at 5 rpm min. 3000
at 100 rpm min. 400  
at 25 °C  
pH Value  7.0 - 8.0  

¹) Delivery specification: The product is constantly monitored to ensure that it adheres to the specified values.
²) Technical data: The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to regular monitoring.  


Exolit RP 622 can be used to flame retard both synthetic and natural rubber latex systems. Due to its high phosphorus content the product is a very effective flame retardant.

The combination of Exolit RP 622 with aluminium trihydrate or other synergists can be used to achieve a high flame retardant classification whilst using low amounts of filler.