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VW-1 (UL1581 Standard for Vertical Flame Test)

This is a small scale test of the flammability of insulating materials. It is conducted by using a single cable specimen, portioned in a vertical position in a three-sided metal enclosure that has a layer of untreated surgical cotton on the bottom.

A sample that has passed this test may be listed as CL2X or CL3X, suitable for using in limited and power cables.

Test outline:
The sample is kept vertical and burned with a laboratory burner 5 times for 15 seconds.
Safety regulations applied
UL subject 758, UL 1581 (UL VW-1)
CSA C22.2 No. 0.3 (CSA FT1) - (no surgical cotton)
Japan Electrical Appliance & Material Control Law
(DENTORI-Law) : Attached list #8 (-F mark)
IEC32-1 (Burning time is different from data below)
Test process:
(1) The sample attached to an indicator is fixed in a vertical position.
(2) The laboratory burner is set at a 20 angle, & its flame is applied directly for 15 seconds & then taken away for 15 seconds. This process is repeated 5 times.
Judging standards:
1. The remaining flame burns out after 60 seconds.
2. The indicator does not suffer fire damage of 25% or
3. The surgical cotton under the sample is not burned by falling insulation. (except FT 1)